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Our AI Workflow: The Art and Science of Creating Killer Content with AI

Discover our streamlined approach to content creation that combines the power of cutting-edge AI with the finesse of human expertise. Our innovative processes blend advanced technology and human creativity to deliver high-quality, engaging content tailored to your needs.

β€” Jeffrey Bowdoin

In today's oversaturation of content in nearly every market, creating content that stands out is both an art and a science. Our content agency has developed a proven formula for creating the most amazing articles that impress audiences and deliver results. Our secret formula combines data-driven AI processes with human creativity and expertise.

Let's dive right in. The following is a high-level overview of what we believe to be the most effective AI content workflow. Our AI content packages includes steps 1-5, while steps 6-7 are the client's responsibility.

Over time, we've developed our own internal systems that allow us to work in a very efficient and organized manner. So we do use several custom internal tools and methods that were not mentioned or explained here. There are many intricate details to how we operate that are exclusive to our company. These are confidential and weren't covered in this post. The aim was to provide you with a simple overview of our work, not to elaborate on every single aspect of our process.

1 β€” Getting Crystal Clear on Audience Needs (Searcher Intent)

At, we always begin by understanding the audience's thoughts, needs, and goals, as it relates to the given keyword/topic. This process, known as uncovering "searcher intent," involves uncovering the purpose behind someone's search, not just the words they chose. Searcher intent guides our entire content creation journey.

To discover searcher intents, we use sophisticated internal processes that analyze real-world data, augmented by AI. This data provides us with insights into the questions users need answers to and or the problems they want resolved.

Understanding the intent behind a search is crucial. Without it, our content might miss the point entirely. Even if it's well-written, it may not provide readers with the information they're seeking. Searcher intent acts as a compass, guiding our content in the right direction.

Our team uses what we learn about intent to kick off the rest of the content creation processes. It guides every aspect of the content process, from topic modeling to creating attention-grabbing headlines. This approach helps us create content that captures interest and addresses the needs of our audience. The goal is to offer content that feels tailor-made for them.

2 β€” Competitor Research (Topic Modeling)

When it comes to content creation, thorough competitor research is everything. Doing your homework on what other top-ranking articles on your given topicβ€”and how they cover itβ€”is the secret ingredient for creating content that has the chance of surpassing the competition.

At, we offer two content packages:

  1. SEO Starter
  2. SEO Accelerator.

Both include our proprietary systems and techniques of cutting-edge competitor analysis processes to produce blog posts that (in our opinion) outshine all competing articles in the search engine results pages (SERPs) β€” as far as uniqueness and comprehensiveness. Essentially we are using highly strategically driven processes to create epic content.

The difference between each package lies in the comprehensiveness and systems that go into them. The biggest difference is the accelerator takes the competitor analysis further by also incorporating marketmuse data into our content pipeline, along with utilizing a hybrid content creation strategy (utilizing human editors to refine the content).

SEO Starter Package: Improving Your Content Strategy

Our SEO Starter package is designed for businesses looking for a more cost-effective, hands-on approach. We still employ a very robust competitor analysis process, which begins with identifying the top-performing articles for your target keywords and analyzing their content to uncover topic models, gaps, and opportunities.

Our team of experienced SEO experts use internal proprietary AI tools and processes to efficiently create and use competitive information to develop a comprehensive content plan that addresses these gaps, provides unique insights, and positions your content to outperform your competitors.

By leveraging real-world data and advanced topic modeling methods, we ensure that the content we create is highly relevant to your audience and covers all the essential aspects of your topic. The content gaps allow us to create content that is unique. This data-driven approach enables us to produce content that genuinely satisfies user intent, delivers value, and increases engagement and search rankings.

Hands-on Approach: The SEO Starter package takes a more hands-on approach, as it does not include the hybrid human editing and content creation offered in the higher-tier, Accelerator package. This makes it an ideal choice for those who prefer to take on more of the editing and refinement of the content themselves.

Expert Editors: Regardless of the package you choose, we still highly recommend that clients implement subject matter expert editors as the final editors of the content. However, the SEO Starter package may require more extensive editing, as high-quality editorial processes often involve a multi-step approach.

SEO Accelerator Package: Taking Competitor Research to the Next Level

For businesses seeking to take their SEO content to new heights, our SEO Accelerator package offers an even more advanced approach to competitor research. In addition to many of the strategies included in our SEO Starter package, we incorporate an expanded and more advanced approach to competitor research and topic modeling. To do this, we utilize MarketMuse's cutting-edge AI-powered content optimization technology into our content analysis process.

MarketMuse is a powerful platform that helps us identify core tenets of topics to target, and specific content gaps and opportunities that competitors often overlook. By using MarketMuse's insights, we can uncover these hidden gems and create content that, in our opinion, surpasses the quality and depth of the top 10 ranking articles on Google.

Our proven competitor analysis process, combined with MarketMuse's detailed precise insights, allows us to develop comprehensive content plans and strategies. We identify the exact topics and subtopics covered by your competitors and pinpoint areas where they fall short, enabling us to create content that covers every essential aspect of any given topic.

Ultimately the end result is an unparalleled level of comprehensiveness in topic coverage, and unique insights/perspectives β€” all based on real data. This is a stark contrast to relying on LLMs like chatGPT to just guess what the user intent is, and guess on how to create content outline, or what topics to include. It goes above and beyond general LLM content abilities and is the level of comprehensiveness in topic coverage is what tends to rank well in Google and other search engines.

Furthermore, this analysis helps us ensure that the content we create not only demonstrates comprehensiveness but also showcases credibility and strong EEAT signals, which are crucial for improving your search rankings. But again, the last step (done by you the client), is to implement a subject matter expert to really put the final refinements, which is incredibly important for EEAT signals, and the final quality of the output. This step is crucial, and something you can't really outsource.

Overcome Your Content Challenges with Our Expertise

If you want to create content that outshines your competition, our winning combination of MarketMuse and advanced competitor research is unbeatable. Let us use our expertise to help you overcome your content challenges.

3 β€” Produce Content Blueprints with AI

Creating content that truly connects with your audience is no easy task. It requires understanding their interests, problems, and preferences with regard to the keyword or topic. This is where AI comes in. Our AI-powered systems & tools gather information through audience research and competitor analysis, using these insights to generate targeted content plans.

Here's where we take all the data from the previous steps and create a comprehensive content blueprint that includes everything we need to begin content production. These AI-assisted content plans provide a roadmap, optimizing key elements such as:

  • Length: The AI determines the ideal length to cover topics thoroughly while keeping readers engaged.
  • Target Topics: Primary and secondary topics are selected to attract broader search traffic while appealing to audience interests.
  • Themes & Subtopics: Key focus areas are chosen to address what's important, uncovering unique angles through competitor research.
  • Structure: Information flows logically, with formatting for easy reading, including section headers and bullet points.
  • Unique Insights: It's often important to bring something new to the table, such as a unique angle, perspective, or something new. You don't want to be just another parrot saying the same thing as all other top 10 articles.
  • Content Gaps: These are discovered through the competitor analysis from previous steps and provide a fantastic way to differentiate your content further.
  • More: Several other points of data.

Essentially, AI takes on the strategic heavy lifting that would typically be assigned to human content marketers. It processes more data and industry best practices, in less time, than could be done manually.

Instead of letting AI steer the ship, WE are the captain of the ship, steering AI in the direction we see fit built upon our experience with SEO strategy. AI tools guide us to content that truly resonates. It is a multi-step, complicated system; however, it is efficient because it leverages AI β€” and is the cornerstone of our business model. We are able to offer disruptive pricing β€” content that normally would cost $500-$600+ is a fraction of the price.

By leveraging AI-powered content planning, we, the professionals, are in the driver's seat. We aren't just letting the LLMs 'guess', which often results in very mediocre vanilla, unoriginal content. We can create content that not only attracts readers but also keeps them engaged and coming back for more. The strategic foundation laid by AI ensures that your content is optimized for both search engines and your target audience.

Embrace the power of AI in your content creation process and watch as your content's impact grows!

4 β€” Creating the Content Foundation with AI

Now here comes the magic. This is where we employ a multi-step content creation process, based on all previous research, which lays the initial 'foundation' of content β€” which then is meant to be built upon by a human editor (offered in our accelerator packages, or if you want a DIY approach, you can save money by opting for the SEO starter package).

We use a proprietary multi-step method to create compelling content. It is not just a one-and-done process. It is based on a complex process our founder has created, which leverages the best LLMs available.

  • AI Reviews The Content Plan: Our AI tools will analyze your content structure, topics, and objectives to generate relevant drafts. This provides the AI with guidance, leading to improved results.
  • The AI Will Then Do Its Thing: Using advanced LLMs, it will create draft posts that flow logically, capture attention, and offer new information to readers.
  • Don't Expect the AI Content to Be Flawless Right Away: Think of it as a "rough draft" for your team to refine later. The goal is to give your human editors a head start β€” a strong base they can refine and improve rather than starting posts from scratch.
  • We Don't Follow a One-Size-Fits-All Approach: Our AI solutions are customized to for various messaging and tone of voice to match your audience. Our internal systems and technology serve as a helper, not a substitute, for your human writing team. Together, they can achieve remarkable results.
  • In the Next Step, Editors Will Assess the AI Content: They will ensure it aligns with your objectives, refine the messaging, and add that unique human touch. This combined approach - AI + humans - helps us create high-quality work tailored for your brand.

The crucial aspect is striking the right balance between AI efficiency and human creativity. With the correct strategy, AI can elevate content creation.

5 β€” Human Editors: Adding Content, Refining and Editing

Only Available in the SEO Accelerator Plan

If AI tools are the science driving our content, then our writers provide the art. They take those AI outlines and transform them into truly exceptional articles and posts.

Our writers have years of experience crafting engaging narratives around complex topics. They know how to tell captivating stories through content that educates yet feels more like fascinating conversations than boring lectures.

These creative pros add unique angles and fresh viewpoints that data alone can't provide. They incorporate vivid examples and case studies rooted in real-world events rather than generic fluff. And they compose smooth, enjoyable prose tailored to the target audience's preferences.

When you buy one of our blog packages, we will fulfill steps 1-4 for you to create an amazing foundation of content. Content that reads as human-written, highly comprehensive content. However, steps 5 and 6 are the client's (your) responsibility.

6 β€” Reviewing for Accuracy with Subject Matter Experts

The Clients Responsibility (Highly Recommended)

This is a key final step to the content: Implementing a Subject Matter Expert (SME). This is where industry experts (either you or an employee) closely review drafts to ensure total accuracy and relevance before anything goes live.

Beyond fact-checking, as an expert in your field, you are revising the content and writing more content to inject your knowledge, expert insights, and perspectives into the content. As an expert, you are not only capable of fact-checking, but you can also provide additional context, insights, and uniqueness in your content.

The Client's Responsibility: Basically, you are the final editor who goes in and updates anything that may need to be changed β€” this sets the stage for Google's EEAT guidelines. So this is a crucial step that cannot be forgotten. We absolutely recommend taking this step seriously if you want to have the best-performing website in Google and other search engines. Don't forget to ensure the author is attributed in the article, as the SME within your business.

This expert validation step increases the credibility of your blog content by grounding advice in firsthand experience. It positions our clients as trustworthy industry authorities readers can rely on. It's the final step to the content creation that makes your content truly unique and valuable β€” benefiting users and getting on Google's good graces.

7 β€” Spicing Things Up with Visuals

The Clients Responsibility (Optional, Highly Recommended)

After over 15 years in the SEO game, my current mindset goes like this:

If LLMs can give instant (text-based) answers, to truly stand out in this AI era, your website content must go above and beyond plain text. Incorporating unique videos, images, and interactive elements is key.

Today's audiences expect dynamic media beyond blocks of text. So we suggest that you sprinkle in graphics, interactive elements, videos, and more to give readers a rich experience. This is another area (like video), that cannot easily be outsourced for your brand.

The Client's Responsibility: Although we offer a featured blog post image, we highly recommend taking the extra step to integrate more interactive and visual elements into your articles. This optional but impactful approach will elevate your content and provide readers with a rich, immersive experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Wrapping It All Up

Our content creation formula looks like this:

  1. Research target audience needs and behaviors
  2. Use AI to map out data-backed content blueprints
  3. Transform blueprints into compelling stories and advice through human writing
  4. Validate accuracy and relevance using subject matter experts
  5. Enhance content with visuals and multimedia

This unique combo of creativity plus data, humans plus tech delivers phenomenal results. Throughout the process, our clients provide invaluable perspectives on brand messaging, industry developments, emerging trends, and more. This insider intel makes the content distinctly theirs versus generic blog fodder.

The Outcome: Content That Rules

The outcome is posts, articles, guides, and more that:

  • Align with audience needs: Seamlessly match what readers are seeking
  • Stand out: Differentiate from the competition
  • Establish authority: Position our clients as trusted industry experts
  • Engage on multiple levels: Captivate visitors through various media

Most importantly, our content attracts and compels ideal prospects to move down the conversion funnel. From spurring form fills to driving demos to increasing revenue, our creative solutions directly impact lead generation and sales.

There is actually much more to the process than explained. There are a lot of systems and internal tools we've created for our content systems. We utilize highly optimized proprietary workflows with many intricate details that weren't fully covered in this blog post. The goal was simply to provide a high-level very simplistic overview of our private internal systems.

Ready to Elevate Your Content Marketing?

Want content that truly stands out and gets results? is here to help! Our cutting-edge AI/human-backed systems create high-quality, engaging content perfectly tailored to your audiences needs.

Stop wasting time and money on mediocre content that fails to deliver the desired impact. Get in touch with us today or view our pricing plans to learn more about the difference. Our expert team is dedicated to producing top-notch content that will establish your brand as an industry leader and drive measurable results for your business. Let's collaborate and take your content strategy to the next level!