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Revolutionizing Content Creation: Introducing

AI is revolutionizing content creation, and (formerly is at the forefront. Our rebrand reflects our commitment to transformative AI technologies. Discover how our innovative approach, combining AI efficiency and human expertise, produces unmatched content.

Jeffrey Bowdoin

The Era of AI: Rethinking Content Creation for the Modern Age

Al has taken the world by storm, bringing business and website owners the promises of increased marketing reach, efficiency, and ease of content creation. However, one word of caution — that "ease of content creation" part is really an illusion. Because using Al content as a "push button" tactic, where you simply spray and pray by publishing mass amounts of content on your site, is more likely to do your business/website more harm than good.

Instead, Al should be used to increase your efficiency, so that you are able to create insanely good content in the same amount of time. Realistically, in this oversaturated content game, this is what it takes to succeed. The paradigm shift should be:

It's not that AI allows you to more quickly create content, and at scale. Rather, it's more that it frees up your time to create much, much BETTER content than you could before — in the same amount of time. It's still about quality over quantity.

As creators, marketers, and SEO professionals, we stand at the edge of an exciting new era — one defined by immense opportunity, underpinned by a responsibility to use AI to enhance human creativity, not replace it. We are here to guide you to use AI content ethically, responsibly, and in a way that truly drives results.

Shaped by my 15 years of learning SEO (and yes, as the founder of, I'm still learning, as SEO is a constantly moving target), I wanted to share my thoughts about what I think the future holds for SEO, content, and how to use AI effectively for SEO success.

(Hint: it's about augmenting humans, not replacing them)

Our Evolution as a Company — From to

As AI continues to evolve, it is reshaping the way we approach SEO and content creation. In this new era, businesses and digital marketers must adapt to stay competitive and deliver the high-quality, user-centric content that search engines and audiences demand.

At, we have embraced this change and are excited to announce our transition from Our rebranding reflects our commitment to leveraging the power of AI to revolutionize the content creation process. Our vision is clear: to harness AI technologies to create extraordinary content that outperforms generic output from large language models (LLMs) and delivers unparalleled value to our clients and their target audiences.

At our core, we believe that creating compelling content is an undeniably human endeavor. No algorithm, no matter how advanced, can replicate the skill, empathy, strategic thinking, and ingenuity of expert creators (at least not yet). However, AI promises to supercharge productivity and inspire new heights of creativity when applied carefully alongside human (expert) insight.

Our renewed vision at is to harness this tremendous power, to augment human expertise and output. By combining AI efficiency with human expertise and insight, we strive to produce extraordinary content that connects deeply with target audiences and delivers real value. As leaders in an evolving industry, we embrace this future with open arms, in an open and transparent way.

The Winds of Change: Why AI is Revolutionizing Content

Let's be honest — the content world is more competitive than ever. Before AI, content was already incredibly oversaturated. But now with this massive influx of AI content, search engines are scrambling to adjust their algorithms. Not against AI content, but against low-quality content, which many inexperienced SEOs trying to leverage AI fall into this trap.

With so much information available for nearly every topic, gaining any amount of traffic means bringing significant value to the table. Search engines like Google keep getting better and better at uncovering that value and delivering that content to what searchers want. They're rewarding creators who truly understand their audience and who can deliver outstanding content.

In this high-pressure environment, AI has burst onto the scene as a game-changing asset. By detecting patterns across millions of content pieces, AI provides strategic insights quickly. Creating the right systems with AI can allow marketers to speed up research, reveal content gaps, and suggest compelling topics — things that used to take humans days if not weeks. With AI handling repetitive tasks (but also more advanced processes such as data analysis, and reasoning capabilities from said data, and much more), creators can fully concentrate on creating compelling stories that educate and inspire their audience.

AI also shows enormous potential for improving content quality. AI systems can optimize wording and formatting for readability. It can check for errors, provide grammar suggestions, and analyze tone, give advice to expand on topics, give tips to make your article better — within seconds. You just have to apply careful prompt engineering so the AI doesn't strip the human qualities of your content. The trick is getting the prompting right, so you can then scale those efforts. While fully AI-generated content often lacks originality (and that something special that only a human can provide), ultimately, its editing abilities empower creators to produce more polished work much faster.

However, AI has its fair share of controversy. As an industry, we need to address pressing questions about ethics and quality. How can we prevent spam and low-value content? How do we maintain brand voice and human connection? How do we ensure content is factually correct? Our answers will shape the future of content creation in this age of smart AI systems.

Our Guiding Values for Using AI Responsibly

At, quality and integrity guide our use of AI. We strongly believe in maintaining human oversight throughout the process to ensure relevance, depth, and empathy. Our philosophy balances AI efficiency with human creativity, leveraging data-driven insights while preserving original perspectives.

We've established strict guardrails for using AI that upholds our standards of excellence. It's taken hours and hours of testing, iterating, prompt engineering, and multi-step systems to achieve this level of excellence. Ultimately though, algorithms enhance — but never replace — the strategic input of our talented editors, creators, and SEO professionals. With care and empathy, together we produce amazing content that provides true value for our clients and audiences — in much less time, which allows us to offer disruptive pricing for the depth and quality of content output.

Our commitment to quality also drives the AI systems we use and develop (and continue to refine) in-house. Extensive testing and tweaking ensure the AI content meets audience needs, search intent, and comprehensiveness of the most talented human content creators. If our AI ever goes off-base, human supervision gets it back on track.

In an industry flooded with low-quality AI content, taking the high road isn't always easy. But it's still the right choice. At, our SEOs, creators, editors, and algorithms share one purpose: to produce epic content that informs, inspires, and exceeds expectations.

The Future of Content: Combining AI Efficiency with Human Creativity

At the forefront of content innovation, balancing productivity and originality is still an imperfect science. In these rapidly changing times, we hold on to our commitment to deliver excellence powered by human ingenuity and AI.

We absolutely obsess over creating content pieces full of comprehensive information (that matches searcher intent), and expertise by using the efficiency of AI + the talents of humans.

The results are incredibly impressive. Our approach is already paying off. Our AI systems and talented creators develop compelling content with unique perspectives tailored to connect with their target audience. This blend of machine efficiency and human creativity produces content that is truly unparalleled (even in purely human created content) — balancing relevance and originality, getting the best of both.

Charting a New Future

As content creation enters a new era of intelligence, the path ahead remains uncertain. We don't really know what the future holds in the midst of this incredible wave of change we are currently in. Successes and failures surely await both creators and algorithms. But by building partnerships rooted in trust and transparency, we can leverage our complementary strengths.

At, we walk hand-in-hand with AI into uncharted territory, neither leading nor following. As algorithms evolve rapidly, so too will our guidelines for using them responsibly. With care and attentiveness, we can achieve incredible things — producing content that educates, inspires, and transforms — at disruptive pricing (due to the efficiencies that AI brings with human creators & editors — hybrid content creation).

Of course, nothing can replace the human voice and creative spark — that indescribable flair inside a writer's head. The lively and natural writing style of humans that seem nearly impossible to replicate with (current) LLMs. Will LLMs ever get to that point? Probably. But for now, this "human" quality remains uniquely, well, human.

As the future unfolds, there will be tough questions, learning curves, and obstacles ahead. But armed with creativity, human talent, and AI's untapped potential, the sky's the limit for what we can achieve.

It's an honor and privilege to be on this journey during such revolutionary times. As leaders, thinkers, and creators, our choices send ripples through the industry — for better or worse. We carry an immense responsibility to guide AI toward empowering, not overpowering, human creativity.

If the past year shows anything, it's that we should expect the unexpected. But come what may in 2024 and beyond, this much is clear: we'll meet every challenge with courage, wisdom, and vision to build a future fueled by human ingenuity and guided by human values. AI may drive progress, but people must steer the ship — it's not only the most effective strategy, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Our AI Content Workflow: Our Secret Recipe for Making Great Content

When it comes to crafting fantastic content, we have a special formula here at It combines the lightning-fast abilities of artificial intelligence with the creative skills of our talented human writers/seasoned SEO experts.

We've simplified our process into 5 key elements:

  1. Searcher Intent: Understanding our audience and what they want
  2. Topic Modeling: Researching each topic thoroughly including content gaps, content foundations, and more. It allows us to generating content is incredibly comprehensive on any given topic.
  3. Creating content plans/blueprints with AI
  4. Creating engaging initial drafts with AI
  5. Infusing that human touch with expert writing and editing

Clients Responsibility

  1. SME Editors — implement subject matter experts (imporant for EEAT signals)
  2. Enhancing with eye-catching visuals and multimedia

While we've outlined the key elements of our process, there are many more sophisticated workflows and techniques involved. We implement some pretty advanced and sophisticated workflows. Want to know more about how we work our magic? Check out our detailed post about our AI content workflows.

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