Our Internet marketing company in Rocklin is second-to-none. Our professionals have worked in Rocklin, CA for years, helping hundreds of businesses meet their marketing goals.

Our full-time team of seasoned professionals has delivered top-notch Internet marketing services to our numerous B2B and B2C clients throughout the years, and we can’t wait to show you what we’re capable of, too!

What Sets Us Apart as Rocklin’s Internet Marketing Experts?

An All-Inclusive Solution to Internet Marketing in Rocklin, CA

Social Patterns takes the stress out of reaching your Internet marketing goals by providing all of your business’s online campaign needs in one place. Our teams of SEO specialists, PPC professionals, and outreach experts know exactly what your business needs to succeed, no matter your size.

Lead Analysis

Social Patterns takes a unique approach to Rocklin Internet marketing services that no other agency can replicate: lead analysis and reporting that vets and displays sales leads as they come. No more filtering through spam or red herrings – we’ll show you exactly how well your campaign is performing with up-to-the-minute reports of valid leads.

Staffed by Experts

Our services are performed by industry experts that are full-time employees. From strategy to web design, development, copy creation, online marketing, performance analysis and management, every professional we hire is completely dedicated to making your campaign a smash-hit.

5 Ingredients to Online Marketing Success

  1. Data Analysis. What you do with your data is just as important as how much you have. Focus on what matters: relevant data only. Cut out unnecessary data, and focus on your Internet marketing KPIs. Then, once you’ve reviewed the most important information, you can diversify your information analysis.

  2. Content All Over the Web. Your website needs plenty of domain content, but it’s just as important to have your content featured on other domains, too. The bigger your presence on industry-relevant blogs and websites, the better chance you have of ranking favorably in search engines. When you have more backlinks to your domain, you’re considered a well-known resource by Google, Bing, and other search engines. Most importantly, always link these articles and posts back to your site! If you don’t, you won’t get nearly the same results as you could have.

  3. High-Yield PPC Campaigns. When it comes to PPC, an itchy trigger-finger is one thing you could absolutely do without. As is the nature of PPC campaigns, the first few months of your push will likely be slow, then pick up speed after a couple of months after multiple tests and revisions. Whether it’s the keywords it uses, the landing page it points to, or something else entirely, constant revision and improvement is key to PPC success. Try giving your campaign at least six months to test the waters.

  4. Innovative Strategy. Don’t let your efforts go stale – review and improve your marketing approach at least once a year. Technology is always changing, as are the algorithms behind search engine ranking, user preferences, and user experience best practices. If you don’t roll with these inevitable punches, your ROI will suffer and may even work against you. Moreover, staying abreast on the latest innovations and trends will be a marketing boon in and of itself. Build momentum in your Internet marketing efforts, but don’t be afraid to change direction every so often.

  5. Quality Web Forms. Web forms: they’re essential for data acquisition, but they often scare leads away if they’re too formidable. Remember: Keep the number of fields – especially required ones – to a minimum in order to increase prospect engagement. This will help your ROI and keep your lead-earning efforts unfettered.